4G Smartphone usage up 70% among small businesses, with tablets deployed by more than two-thirds

March 19, 2013

When it comes to 4G use for small businesses, it’s unanimous all small businesses will benefit from 4G … well almost. According to the just-released 2013 US AT&T Small Business Technology Poll more than two thirds (70%) more small businesses are using 4G than last year and most are happily using it to work...
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Welcome to 4G and 4Gee.Me

October 31, 2012
om4g ee launch

It’s finally here…. 4G arrived officially in the UK with EEs 4G service in October 2012 (the 30th to be exact) and the rest of the networks are set to follow in 2013. There’s just the little matter of buying their slice of the mobile spectrum in the 4G auctions to be held in...
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