LG says UK 4G network just not up to scratch

February 27, 2013

Sorry this is NOT for you says LG

TechRadar’s cub reporter John McCann had an interview with mobile handset maker LG at Mobile World Congress and they were less than complementary about the current state of the 4G network in the UK.

According to LG’s UK Product Manager Shaun Musgrave the company’s latest flagship 4G handsets won’t be coming to the UK any time soon because: “4G is immature in the UK and it won’t start to pick up until the second half of this year.”

That’s one in the eye for EE, the UK’s only 4G network. From this short sentence we can either surmise that EE just isn’t selling enough 4G handsets to justify it shipping the boxes to the UK and doing all the publicity around those handsets, or they actually think EE’s network is poor.

Having used the EE network around the UK we’d be inclined to think it’s a mixture of the two; the EE network isn’t by any means comprehensive in coverage, it’s still only in the major cities. And while the EE network is fast in comparison to the lamentable 3G network, it’s still no where near the 150Mbs it could be capable of.

Additionally while EE is spending shed loads on advertising the network, its doesn’t seem to be switching customers. The last quarter results for EE made no mention of numbers for 4G subscribers, which makes us suspicious that the market just isn’t there yet. A suspicion backed up by a recent 4G survey by the Guardian website that found that just 19% were planning on moving to 4G this year.

LG wouldn’t say when they plan to bring 4G smartphones to the UK, but Musgrave hinted that the firm’s next flagship device the LG Optimus G2 could well be the first one to land on our shores.

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