Orange to launch their first 4G phone, the Lumo, but not in the UK

February 26, 2013

orange-lumo-270x167Orange – part of EE – is to launch a home grown 4G phone the Orange Lumo but it’s unlikely to see the light of day in the UK

The new 4G phone is still some way off. Orange have said it will be available in select markets from H1 2013 – ie they’re not sure if it’s end of Q1 or sometime in Q2 but that sounds too indecisive and has a two in it so they’ve fudged with H1.

The new phone unfortunately won’t be seeing the light of day in the UK as Orange’s sister brand EE has grabbed Everything Early – see what we did there? – and Orange is set to remain a 3G network. However we can’t rule out that a re-branded EE version appearing in the UK, after all what’s the point of creating all that potential profit margin and then excluding it from one of their largest markets?

Orange have been a bit light on the details for the Lumo, according to their releases the Lumo includes “super-fast LTE connection speeds” a 4.5″ screen, 8MP camera, and runs Android’s Jelly Bean operating system (Android 4.1).

Pricing will be announced with local availability, and more info will be released at this weeks mobile Mobile World Congress.

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