4G to be ten percent of mobile market by 2017 says Cisco

February 12, 2013

Google nexus 7 bundle on 4G Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) predicts a 13-fold increase in mobile Internet traffic over the next four years. Cisco predicts the majority of the growth will come from an increase in mobile phones and through connected devices.


According to the report, by 2017, mobile Internet connections will exceed the world’s population (currently estimated to be an eye watering 7.1 billion), with data reaching the rate of 134 exabytes a year (one followed by 18 zeroes or the equivalent of 134 times the entire Internet traffic in 2000).


Currently Cisco says 4G represents less than one per cent of all mobile connections, but astonishingly accounts for 14 per cent of mobile data traffic, due to the fact that 4G connections generate 19 times more traffic on average than non-4G connections.


By 2017 Cisco estimates that 4G share will have risen to 10 percent of mobile Internet connections, but will make up nearly half (45%) of total traffic.


Less impressively Cisco’s shows that mobile operators are moving away from unlimited data plans to tiered plans, with tiered mobile data packages making up 55 per cent of all data plans, from five per cent in 2011.



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