4G smartphone subscribers to hit 6.3 million by 2015

February 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE

UK smartphone penetration is up to 43% and is predicted to hit 75% by 2016 according to new research by analysts Portio Research. Unfortunately Portio were unable to predict the number of 4G devices but estimates from other surveys point to around 10% of the smartphone market will be 4G so we’re at around 7.5% or some 6.3 million 4G users by 2015.


The UK had 83 million mobile subscribers at the close of 2012, that’s 1.3 mobiles for every head of population and of these, 36 million were smartphones and 47 million were feature phones.


This huge market penetration means the networks have no room for revenue growth from new subscribers and are hence going to have to look elsewhere for revenue. They have several options, convert us all to smartphones by discounting smartphones and bringing in tiered pricing, yup, and start looking at M2M to supplement their revenues, yup.


Portio expects the number of smartphones in use to increase each year, with corresponding decreases in the number of non-smartphones.


UK Mobile Connections
Year Mobile connections Smartphone Feature Phone
2012 83 36 47
2013 83 44 39
2016 84 63 21

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