Welcome to 4G and 4Gee.Me

October 31, 2012

4geemelogoIt’s finally here…. 4G arrived officially in the UK with EEs 4G service in October 2012 (the 30th to be exact) and the rest of the networks are set to follow in 2013. There’s just the little matter of buying their slice of the mobile spectrum in the 4G auctions to be held in early 2013 that needs to be sorted out first.

So what does 4G mean to you? Well it means faster uploads, faster downloads, and a new way of thinking about how you use your mobile, which is set to transform your work and private life.

And what will 4Gee.me do for you? Well, we intend to help make your purchase decision less of a problem, and more of a no-brainer. We’ll be looking at the latest 4G news, we’ll look at the new devices out there, and we’ll review the new kit and the new networks – when they arrive. We’ll also help you make that case for why you should be ditching 3G and moving to 4G now.

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